The Success Of A Successful Company

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Having a successful company or running a well organized and cohesive working environment is becoming the main target for business owners and entrepreneurs today. So much so, that many organizations and firms are taking a closer look into key factors that has lead to their competitors success as well as their failures. What they are finding in their observations is that leadership or the lack thereof of leadership, is the most common factors of these companies outcomes, to which they have concluded as being the most important aspect in either the rise or fall of these companies. As a result, many companies are taking necessary strides into their own reorganization of leadership, therefore they do not become a mirrored image of the failing…show more content…
They lack the ability to implement problem solving techniques when attempting to solve the smallest issue that typically arise in a normal business environment. After conducting my own research of leadership and its influence, I realized that although leadership is an important entity in organizations, the leadership style as well as the personality of the leader is what determines the ending result and the success of any corporations today. In research paper and articles “Relationship Between Leaders Personality Types and Source of Power and leadership Styles Among Managers” and “ Men, Women & Leadership”, several leadership styles and viewpoints are suggested as being most beneficial when determining the most successful leadership route in today 's competitive business. Research paper “Relationship Between Leaders Personality Types and Source of Power and leadership Styles Among Managers” two leadership styles are analyzed, which are transformational leadership and transactional leadership. The authors define transformational leadership as a leadership style that transform people and organizations values, goals, standards, needs and ethics which are influenced on both a micro and macro level through communication encouragement and innovation of their followers through high visibility. They define transactional leadership as being a more conventional style which motivated their followers with exchange of
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