The Success Of A Successful Entrepreneur Essay

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“Success is not a key to happiness; happiness is a key to success. If you love what are you doing, you will be successful,” said by Albert Schweitzer (Brainy Quote, 2016) This quote shows that everyone can be successful in their own life, human will be happy when they love or enjoy what they are doing and it is the first step to become successful. Nowadays there are pretty of businessperson, therefore being businessperson are completely different from successful businessman and businesswoman because not everyone can be successful business man or women. Many entrepreneurs may had failed to build their own business but some of them are never giving up, that is why most of the successful entrepreneurs have failed their business before and they know how to settle or solve with lot of problems and it makes their business become successful. The researcher has chosen Anna Wintour, she is an editor in chief of Vogue magazine US. In this essay, the research would like to describe the Anna Wintour’s business, investigate her background, identify why she is become a successful entrepreneur and what are all her skills to become successful editors of Vogue Magazine US. Vogue magazine is a worldwide well-known American fashion and lifestyle magazine that published in 23 different counties and regional editions by Condé Nast. It was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure as a weekly high-social journal for a big city in USA, New York’s city, the articles were reviewed about books, play
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