The Success Of A Successful Middle And Upper Classes Essay

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Introduction The city of Compton, CA has long been associated with negativity. The 1980s and 1990s gave Compton its reputation as being a gang-infested, high-crime city, promulgated by film and music. While violent crime and property crime rates have plummeted in the past decade, the reputation stands. The 2000s and The Great Recession, brought about new problems to further tarnish Compton’s reputation. This paper will identify and detail three current fiscal issues that have prevented the emergence of a successful middle and upper classes, the improvement of city-wide infrastructure and programs and issues explaining recent scandals involving city funds. The first issue that will be explained in detail is the high unemployment rate found in the city of Compton, which is higher than the California average. This has a lot to do with the type of jobs and education present in the city. The second fiscal issue covered is the mismanagement of city funds by the Compton city council. This has had a major impact on Compton’s finances, even causing a downgrade in the city’s financial rating. Third, there has been a stagnation, and even drop, in property tax revenue in the city of Compton. Compton does not generate sizable revenue from property taxes, especially when compared to cities with similar demographics (United States Census Bureau). While all are critical, low revenue from property tax is an extremely important issue, as this tax serves as the foundation of all revenues
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