The Success Of Alexander The Great : Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great to this day, remains one of the most successful leaders in world history. Even when comparing him to other great leaders in history, like Hannibal, or even his own father Philip II, Alexander still very much holds his own as a result of the many victories he’s won, as well as the profound impact that he had on western and eastern culture. With his ambition and great strategy, he was able to lead a great army through much of the world with almost no taste of failure. From a very young age, Alexander the great was given enormous responsibility. He was born June, 356 BC, in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was educated by Aristotle, who was a Greek philosopher. Aristotle instilled in Alexander a sense of domination by teaching him that the Greeks ought to be the most advanced people in the world. Aristotle portrayed the other cultures as barbarians who had to be conquered or assimilated into the Macedonian culture. Alex’s parents were Olympia and Philip II, who was currently ruler of Macedonia. I think its very important to point out that Philip II was his father, because King Philip was an extraordinary leader himself. While Alexander was a child, his father had practically brought the entire region into his sphere of power. He was relentless, and would use any method that he could in order come out on top. He trained his army to perfection, while also introducing new technology like the catapult. He would create conflict between rival states,
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