The Success Of Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great is one of the most successful military commanders of all time. Some may attribute Alexander’s success to his inheritance of the great Macedonian kingdom and military from his father, Philip II. Although there is no doubt that this timely inheritance was a key factor in his success, it was his military skills and generalship that gave him the ability to effectively utilize the groundwork laid by his father. In order to fully understand the success of Alexander, we must first look back to the influence and success of his father, Philip II. Greece had been unified under the League of Corinth, so when Alexander assumed the throne, he did not need to worry about any fighting to the south. Philip took the small and insignificant country of Macedon and turned it into one of the greatest military powers in the ancient world. When Philip was assassinated, Alexander inherited an extremely skilled and modernized army he could use to make his father’s dream of defeating the Persians come true (Martin, Ancient Greece p.221). Philip’s reforms to the Macedonian army include reorganizing the structure and the use of troops and improving weaponry and tactics (Potter, Lecture 13 March 2015). The Macedonian phalanx was a great improvement over the hoplite phalanx used in Greek warfare because of two reasons. Well-trained soldiers, known as phalangite, wore lighter armor that enabled them to move quicker and utilize their new, longer spears known as sarissa, which
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