The Success Of Apple Inc.

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In the last decade, Apple Inc. has become one of the utmost successful and wealthiest companies in the world. With the aid of other companies in the field of technology, Apple has achieved strides in the area of innovation that is nearly unparalleled in this modern age. How has the success of this once computer company turned into a multinational technology company, effected its workers, customers, and the social-economy that we live in? Slowly, Apple Inc. has become one of the largest companies in the world with their products being used everyday by millions of people and a major impact in the social economy and quality pay and benefits for their employees, however, with below average treatment in particular cases. Apple generally puts on a clean and sleek face to the public. Since the basis of apple is technology, they tend to exploit that aspect to their advantage, making customers feel completely immersed when walking into one of their stores with the sleek interfaces and “Genius Bars”. The placement of these stores should come to no surprise as the location of the stores exist in the substantial cities where maximum foot traffic occurs. Presently, Apple stores are in forty-five of the fifty US states and in more than seventeen different countries/regions including Australia, Hong Kong, and Paris (“Apple Retail Store - Store List.”). However, consumers are not completely limited to buying Apple’s products in their stores, Apple has all their products available online.…

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