The Success Of Apple Software Corporation

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Christine Carnes
MGT 303
July 26, 2015
Rich Abshier

The Success of Apple

A successful company is like a well-engineered and constructed building. The foundation of the building is well grounded – powerfully anchored to the concrete base and the steel that will support the building. Amid the systematically arranged infrastructure, is the steel skeleton made of cement columns and beams that will support the outer facade. In like manner, a successful company begins with a vision and a mission statement. These two critical elements define what an organization values, and they set clear goals and objectives for every employee to achieve. The Apple Software Corporation is indisputably one of the most successful and
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Development and Implementation of Organizational Strategy Apple’s development and implementation of organizational strategy are revealed in the dynamics of its framework. Like a sturdy building, a good company should be designed upon the skeletal basis of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Under the planning framework, an organization will choose its most likely course of action. Through effective planning, clear objectives and goals are implemented from the vision and mission statements, which are developed early within this phase. Even so, a formal mission statement was never created by the founders of Apple. What started out as a personal computer, created in 1970 between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, grew into the Apple Company in 1977 (Farfan, 2015). However, unlike the traditional vision and mission statements found in many prosperous companies, the official mission statement found on the Apple Corporation website is more or less a list of products and past accomplishments (Farfan, 2015). Nevertheless, their mission has clearly attained its objective. One can say it communicated the purpose of their stakeholders, found in this listing of all the fledgling company’s accomplishments. The reason for this company’s existence today can be attributed to the vision of Steve Jobs. He showed the world that valuable
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