The Success Of Becoming A Millionaire

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What is success exactly? There are so many different variations of how you can achieve success. Success does not just come in a neat package all wrapped up with a bow on top, sometimes success requires a struggle. Success can be something small or it can be something big. For example you could consider getting an A on a test a success or becoming a millionaire a success, there are different levels of success. One aspect of success that that has not been taken into consideration, which is in order for you to be successful you must be happy, at least that is what I believe. Going back to the example of becoming a millionaire, sure you may be happy about having money at first but soon having all the money in the world will not make a difference to you. You will go day after day wishing for something more and it probably will be something that money cannot buy. However if you are happy with your job and how you earned the money that is a different story, you have succeeded. According to Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary success is defined as “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.”

When I talked to Amy Strawn, who is the children’s pastors’ wife at my church, she had a few different definitions of what exactly success was. Her first comment was about success within her faith.“Success to me is living my life in a way that is pleasing to God. I want to impact the most people I can for the Kingdom of Heaven. Success is sharing Jesus in a true and genuine way.”
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