The Success Of Brands Is Dependent Upon Consumer Satisfaction

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The success of brands is dependent upon consumer satisfaction. The work of xxx identifies the five steps consumers take when undertaking purchase decision-making. These steps include, Need Recognition and Problem Awareness, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase and Post Purchase Evaluation. Literature shows that consumers consider country of origin an extrinsic factor for evaluating products. Parkvithee & Miranda (2012) explains that consumers care about which country products come from, and where they are made as they use these factors to evaluate the quality of products. Perception of quality has been shown to be one of the main reasons why consumers check the “made in” label before making a purchase decision.

To consumers, the term “quality” represents a subjective appraisal of the ability of a product or service to meet their needs (Acebron & Dopico, 2000). Ericson et al (1984) presents the “Halo-Effect” of COO where country image effects beliefs of product or brand attributes, which in turn affects overall evaluation of products. Han (1989) supports this, finding that unfamiliarity with countries products leads consumers to consider country image instead which influences consumers attitudes towards other attributes. However, Cai (2002) views country of origin as a single product attribute rather than a signal of quality. The question is, given the other product information available to consumers, does COO still influence consumers decision making…
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