The Success Of College Sports

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Title In the past few decades college sports have grown immensely in popularity nationwide, especially when the bigger events such as March Madness and the College Football National Championship arise. Even though the NCAA considers themselves to be a non profit organization, March Madness is such a huge event that in 2011 the NCAA made an agreement with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting System to let them broadcast the games until 2024 for $10.8 billion, but during March Madness they make almost $800 million every year from jersey, ticket, and product sales ("Revenue"). Depending on how far some of the colleges go these universities could make an extra few million also. None of the money the colleges or the association makes is given to the student athletes. They are the ones that work so hard to help bring in all of the revenue for their schools and the NCAA but get nothing in return. Besides bringing in revenue for their school if they prove that they are a good collegiate school it will make high school students look further into their school and potentially attend that university. According to the NCAA for any student athlete to be eligible and still be considered amateur they are not allowed to receive salary for participating in any athletic program nor are they allowed to be given prize money above necessary expenses, ("Amateurism") However a common view is that college athletes should not be paid because most of them already receive a free education and get
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