The Success Of Corporate School Reform

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The corporate school reform which has originated through political movement mainly has methods in which are taken from the political approaches. The fact that most of the school board members consists of those who professions in business instead of education is not favorable. The Failure of Corporate School Reform on page one states that the corporate school reformers try to “imagine public schools as private businesses, districts as markets, students as consumers, and knowledge as product.” If I am able to purchase my knowledge, that will be great. Yet, I am not able to do that, and I feel like the reformers are only looking at me as one of the pawns on the chessboard; the reformers are only thinking of us as money. There is a saying that everyone learns from their mistakes; however, the corporate school reformers only change their methods of approaching by little bit or unnecessary matters. Even stated on page two of The Failure of Corporate School Reform, the “reformers have insisted on accountability through test scores and [they] have failed.” Then the fact that the standardized testing is still given upon to us is objectionable. Instead of taking out the standardized testing, the reformers, for example, comes up with a method of abolishing or replacing public schools with charter schools. It is as if they are trying to prove that their idea of standardized testing is not wrong by somehow incorporating the tests into the “new” schools or the charter schools. The result
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