The Success Of Euro Disney

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1. There were many factors that contributed in the failure in euro Disney on his first years. Bad management was one of the key factors why this company was not successful at the beginning. One of the biggest reasons was that the company assumes that everybody in Europe has money and they came up with really high prices on the tickets, restaurants and hotels. In my understanding one of the biggest factors that contribute in the poor performance of Euro Disney is that the company did not understand the marketplace. They assume that if they open a similar park in France it automatically would be successful. Another factor why Euro Disney was had poor performance was because they in America and Europe the culture is completely difference and everything…show more content…
Ethnocentric played a big role in the launching of the Euro Disney. This is because they were evaluating the French culture according to the standards in this case of the American culture. Everything in the park was American, They could have foreseen the problems that happened in the first year because they established the Euro Disney based on American culture.
4. I think that cross cultural marketing skills of Disney was very poor when they first open the euro Disney in France. I think this is because they ignored Most of the French culture also their habits and norms that they have. I think that when they changed the management people the new people saw this as a problem and that’s where they started to fixed this. They start to show good cross cultural skill when they begging to change the parks name also when they allowed alcohol back and finally when they fixed the breakfast problem.
5. The success that the Disney company hade in Tokyo was more than they expected. This is why the Disney management were expecting the same results or better results in France. In Tokyo customers were paying the really high rates on parks, hotels and restaurants. I think that the Disney Company thought that a country like France with a big amount of tourist would had more success than the other

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