The Success Of Lincoln's Presidency

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Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many influential leaders who have helped to change the course of history for the better. Many of these leaders have faced incredible challenges and overcome them despite facing seemingly insurmountable odds. On top of the challenges faced, some leaders have had to overcome physical and mental disabilities. These disabilities, while seemingly detrimental to a leader, have not always been a hindrance and have even at times been a significant factor in their success. One of the most notable of these leaders is United States President Abraham Lincoln. During Lincoln’s life he suffered with episodes of severe depression which continued into his presidency, a presidency that was plagued with perhaps the greatest challenge in the history of our country, the Civil War. This battle with depression, while challenging, also gave Lincoln wisdom in decision making and was one of the contributing factors to the success of Lincoln’s presidency. In order to understand the possible ramifications that depression could play in the president’s life we first need to understand mental disorders and what they are. Mental illness can be defined as a health condition that changes a person’s thinking, feelings, or behavior or all three and that causes the person distress and difficulty in functioning (Sutton 3). These mental disorders can vary in severity in each individual case from very mild to extremely severe. The important
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