The Success Of Michael Jordan

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When most people think of success they think about big houses, expensive cars, or an abundance of money. This false definition of success has been deeply embedded into society’s mindset due in large part to social media. People tend to link success with CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and other people with such titles. Although people with theses professions can be successful, being passionate, having patience, and overcoming adversity measure true success. Michael Jordan is one of the most successful athletes in professional sports history. People perceive his success by idealizing his athletic abilities and all of his accomplishments on the basketball court. What they fail to realize are all of his qualities that enabled him to leave the legacy we are all familiar with. In high school Michael was described as a goofy kid. At the time, he was not blessed with the genetics that most NBA players had. No one in his family was over six foot tall. His mother was a bank teller, and his father a mechanic (LaFeber). His greatest obstacle, however, came during his sophomore year of high school when he was cut from the Laney High School basketball team. So how does one who was faced with such adversity become successful? It all starts with passion. Michael was not in it for the money. He just loved playing the game of basketball. He did not think he was the best player at his school. Nor did he think he was going to play in the NBA. He did not care what anyone else
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