The Success Of Nike And Adidas

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In the recent years, it has become almost impossible to obtain certain sneakers (particularly certain styles from Nike and Adidas) due to very high demand with a very limited supply. Because of this, a resale market has been established where these certain styles are sold by people able to obtain them with profit margins ranging from $100-$1000. As a reseller, negotiating the buying and selling price of shoes is something that I deal with on an almost daily basis. Over the past few weeks however, I have been able to apply the tactics learned throughout the course of this class to become a more effective negotiator than I ever was in the past. After a recent shoe release, I was able to actually put my negotiating skills to the test (in hopes of receiving the best possible selling price). The quest for a negotiation began with the acquisition of the Adidas NMD_R1. This particular pair of shoes (with a retail price of $170), like many others, were extremely limited and sold out almost instantly. Preparation for this negotiation required a good amount of research, in hopes of establishing a strong BATNA and reservation price. My original BATNA was keeping the shoes (as they were my size). I began my research on eBay, Kixify (a sneaker marketplace), and Twitter, looking for a price range to begin forming my reservation price. After intensive research into the market, I found out that a high percentage of the shoes were selling at a price between $300-$450. After gaining knowledge

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