The Success Of Registered Nurses

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Hard work, knowledge, and interpersonal skills are some of the most important aspects that will directly impact the success of registered nurses (RNs) within the medical healthcare field. They are professionals that require an amount of comprehensive education and skills that are related to assessing, planning, and intervening to promote patient care (“The Nursing Process,” n.d.). In order to become RNs, associate degrees in nursing (ADN) must be earned from a state-approved training program. The programs may take up to two years to complete through community colleges, hospital-based programs, and/or career centers. As RNs are taking up more responsibility in the delivery and management of patient care, they must have a solid academic…show more content…
For example, a nurse’s assessment of a diabetes patient includes the patient’s chief complaints of hypoglycemia symptoms and laboratory results of low blood glucose levels. However, the assessment also includes the ability to acknowledge and understand the patient’s response due to the current state, such as the slurring of speech, clumsy movement as if intoxicated, or profuse sweating while in an air-conditioned facility. The RN’s diagnosis would reflect what the patient’s hypoglycemic state has further caused. Such symptoms may include confusion, drowsiness, and coma-like state, or if left untreated, it can result in seizures, loss of consciousness, and even death. Thus, they will be able to set measurable and achievable short- and long-term goals for their patient (“The Nursing Process,” n.d.). Goals for this diabetic patient may include changing eating habits by eating a higher carbohydrate diet and/or eating more frequently, possibly adjusting to lower medication dosages, managing lifestyle changes to include a more appropriate exercise regimen, and continuing to test blood glucose levels on a regular basis. RNs must possess other necessary qualities and skills that include patience, flexibility, high levels of honesty, emotional stability, compassion, good organizational skills, and interpersonal skills (Davila, n.d.).
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