The Success Of The American Revolution

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The thirteen American colonies wanted to be free from rule by Great Britain. Freedom would make it possible to create a new kind of government without a king. In the democracy envisioned by the country 's earliest leaders, Americans would govern themselves based on certain principles or ideals. Few people at the time thought that the American Revolution would succeed and the Americans could win a war against the world 's greatest empire. At the beginning of the war, there was no regular American army, just a militia made up of civilians-and most of them were farmers. Naturally, they were not used to long campaigns or battles with British Regulars, and thousands quit. General Washington begged the Continental Congress to provide a regular army of men enlisted for a long term, but Congress felt that step would violate civil liberties. It was only after so many American defeats threatened the war effort that Congress agreed to offer extra pay to officers and privates and pledged to see the war to an end. By 1775, tension between the colonies and the mother country had reached the breaking point. British troops in Boston learned that the colonists had hidden a large collection of weapons in nearby Concord. Sons of Liberty Paul Revere and William Dawes rode to warn of the impending British attack by way of the Charles River; the most direct route. Just as the sun was rising on April 19, 1775, British soldiers reached Lexington. Eight Minutemen were killed and several others
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