The Success Of The City Of Detroit

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The city of Detroit was the city of opportunity, wealth and place where anyone could pursue their American dream. In early 1910’s innovative inventor, Henry Ford brought automobile industry into american soil. First and biggest factories of automobile manufacturing was opened in several places in Detroit. Detroit became third biggest city in the United States with largest population during 1950s. Automobile manufacturing was the base of Detroit’s economy for decades. However, today its not like it was before. During 20th to 21st century auto industry had many highs and lows but overall had collapsed completely. While Detroit’s officials though that they settled the economy for a long run, the unexpected change in the city’s profit destroyed the economic system. Detroit which once was mecca for middle class workers, who were pursuing their American Dream had major economical collapse due to miscalculation of revenue, which also led to failure of education system and decline in diversity. Detroit’s economy was build on manufacturing in automobile industry which made Detroit third biggest and richest city of United States, but had great decline in economy when Detroit lost all the manufacturing and investors during late 20th century. During first years of introduction to automobile manufacturing by inventor Henry Ford, Detroit had economical boom. Detroit was home to automobile, steam motor and home appliance manufacturing, cigar production and pharmaceuticals. When Henry
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