The Success Of The City

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“A person would think that with all of the money this company has earned, we would have a better view of the city.” He thought to himself as he sat in the outer office and stared out of the windows while he waited for his 8:30 A.M. meeting with the boss. The Boss ' secretarial assistant, at her desk on the other side of the room, typed quickly on her computer keyboard and answered the phones as he shifted his position in the chair and uncrossed his legs. Thinking about the company he worked for, He thought, “We were the largest and only newspaper still being published daily here in DC. That fact gave us the ability to boast that we have enough coupons printed in our Sunday edition alone, that the average subscriber would be able to save enough money to pay for the weekly subscription of the daily home delivery and have something left over. Sure, the popularity of the Internet, with it 's on-line coupons, and special sales ads were cutting into our bottom line, but where else could one find the personal touch of a local reporter. One who is from here and lives here and understand the dynamics of the culture and politics of the residents of this world famous city. We don 't just print the 'Pre-written ' stories that come down the pipe from the giant news agencies. They all seem to sound the same, without any of the 'Flavor ' of our local community. The stories that the other papers in town, or 'Rags ' as we call them, all sound the same making the only difference between
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