The Success Of The Company Braun And Sony Two Companies With The Same Goal

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To change the way a nation perceives an idea is remarkable. To change the worlds’ idea of how one would accomplish a task is a feat only relatable to the end of a war. But to change a product line forever, to change the way a certain product was produced, to change how people went about designing this product, interacting with this product, thinking of this product, now that’s a whole new world. Very few designers have the privilege to say that they have achieved this, an accomplishment that designers’ dream of. The companies Braun and Sony are two companies with the same goal. Through their philosophies they have helped change the way people think about products. The Sk4 record player (figure 1) produced in 1956 from Braun and the Sony Walkman (figure 2) made in 1979 were two products that achieved this feat. They were two products that were conceived in two very different ways, two products for very different markets, but two products with the same ideas, wants and needs as each other. Both the Sk4 and Sony Walkman have large focuses on space they were both designed with the user at the very forefront of the designers’ minds. The Sk4 was designed with disregard for fashion, completely opposite to the Walkmans design philosophy yet they have had similar effects on the world and Both Sony and Braun have created similar products although they were made 22 years apart.

The Sk4 was designed by Dieter Rams In Frankfurt, Germany for the company Braun who had the goal to “change

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