The Success Of The Geico Advertisement Campaign

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Advertising Strategy In the past twelve months, there has been one advertising campaign that has stuck out amongst the rest. This advertisement can not only be seen on television, but also at your local movie theater before the opening credits. This advertisement campaign is Geico 's "Spy" commercial. This commercial features a US spy that is combating operatives when his cell phone rings. When he picks up, his mother is on the other side of the line complaining about his father refusing to hire pest control to get rid of the squirrels, as it is personal this time. The commercial then goes on to say, "if you are a mom you call at the worst time, it is what you do. If you want to save 15 percent on car insurance you switch to Geico. It 's what you do" (Mother Knows Best, 2015). This paper will discuss the success of the Geico advertisement.
Success of Campaign The Geico "Spy" advertisement campaign first aired on December 28, 2015. This commercial was a hit from the very beginning. The commercial used mothers calling at the wrong time as a familiarity to most. They contrasted this with the James Bond type character being in the worst situation possible when his mother calls. Of course, the topic would be another familiar situation for most, where the mother is discussing something regarding their father doing something they disagree with, most likely just bored and wanting to talk. "Moms call a lot, says agency creative director Sean Riley. I think most people would see

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