The Success Of The Happy Giant

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More than 80% of people in the world are aware of such a term called “mouse house”. Its image beyond ages and borders, thorough popular sentiment and can give everybody to bring infinite joy for the mission of the “happy giant” (Walter Disney Corporation).The twenty-first century is the champion of the entertainment economy era. Research at the background of this great entertainment and media enterprise operation is undoubtedly a very good thing. As the world’s top ten brands have value only media companies, Disney is the media brand management leader. Since it was created in 1923, Disney has been more than 90 years due to its charismatic brand of wisdom and brand management(Robbins).
Disney company, founded in 1926, has a long history.
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Especially, Orlando Disneyland is the biggest one now. It is irrefutable that Disney has become the world’s best business company of television and entertainment, theme parks, media networks and dolls commodity(The Happies Place on Earth).
Disney’s happy culture is attached at the back of a complete business culture, downright conducted on the end of the business. Continuously, they make wonderful cartoons, after the introduction of each film they vigorously promote to enhance the box office the income earned by the release of prints and videos. The follow-up product development is one of the theme parks, each playing a cartoon character to add a new theme park, in the movies and create a park with the atmosphere, allowing visitors to visit the theme park happily. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on Disney in terms of the introduction of Disney, Disney products and the Disney brand value. Firstly,Disney 's name came from its founder Walt Disney. He was a famous animator and also a successful entrepreneur. December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born in a small town in the United States. Disney was the same as most Americans who lived wandering life, and they always continually moved everywhere. Due to his poor family, his father had an ill temper. His father always corporally punished onchildren because of their naughty behaviour. There were shade of memories in Disney’s childhood, perhaps it was why he
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