The Success Of The Mcdonald Brothers

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I. Introduction
It all began in 1940 with the opening of the first McDonalds. The McDonalds brothers had no idea that in 75 years, their tiny burger shop on the corner of a street in San Bernardino, California would become the epitome of American culture (Schlosser 1). Within the first few years of McDonald’s existence, the McDonald brothers scrapped the drive-in style dinner that was popular at the time, for the drive-thru. What first seemed like a radical move, soon became popular with the people of San Bernardino. People enjoyed having dinner ready in one minute, compared to the fifteen minutes it would take at other fast food joints. Soon McDonalds expanded out of San Bernardino, and now there are over 14,000 locations across the United States alone (Schlosser 1).
Other companies did not want to be left out of the fun. By 1970, gone was the drive-in dinner and in was the drive-thru. Every fast food joint was focused on making food as quick and cheap as possible (Schlosser 15). McDonalds was no longer the only big name in the fast food industry; KFC, Taco Bell, and Burger King all became household names across the country. Fast food began to appear everywhere. Food was sold in schools and amusement parks. Advertising began to target children, in hopes of becoming a part of the idealistic American childhood (Schlosser 15). Movies and TV shows were paid to feature fast food products. Before anyone could understand the true power that was in the fast food industry, it had

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