The Success Of The Middle Age Adults Essay

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Success! The word is as individual as the person who has achieved it. For an adolescent success maybe achieving high school graduation or receiving their acceptance letter to a college. For a young adult success might mean buying their first car or first home. As a person enters their middle age adult stage, they usually have achieved success in several areas of their life, such as having a family, home and successful employment. With these successes come obstacles and obligations. Most middle age adults have gained life skills to balance these obligations. However, if the middle age adult chooses to strive towards a life goal of returning to academia a plethora of obstacles many arise to prevent the person from achieving success. Gaining understanding of these obstacles and better insight of themselves can propel the learner towards their desired academic goal successfully. This paper describes one adults quest towards academic success by first gaining understanding of her learning style, personal goals, and analyzing her time and stress management techniques.
To begin to understand the unique learning style of any learner and provide them with self-knowledge to achieve, several different learning assessments can be performed. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence Assessment (Carter, 2011) helps the learner rank their intelligences in eight unique areas. For example, this writers’ areas of learning are as follows: 1. Logical-Mathematical and
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