The Success Of The Multi Million Dollar Disney Corporation Essay

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Introduction The success of the multi-million dollar Disney corporation is undeniable. Whether it be through films, books, merchandise, or television advertisements, Disney has considerable impact on children’s lives. One of Disney’s primary influences has been on the construction of children’s perception on gender roles and gender expectations. The influence Disney has on young children has been bought to the attention of critics, who argue these films produce unhealthy, concealed messages to the most vulnerable viewers. Disney is aimed at a younger audience, still in their early cognitive development stage. At this age, children are carefully noting what goes on around them, gaining knowledge of how society and the wider world works. (Hibbeler, B 2009) Since heavy topics of sexism and gender roles are not likely discussed with one’s parents at this age and stage, Disney films are one of the earliest transmitters of these kind of messages. Behind a mask of innocence, early Disney Princess films promote corrupt expectations on how women should appear, act and behave – setting foundations for these beliefs and morals amongst children. I will be critically analysing how gender expectations formed from Disney Princess films have developed over time, and what effect they have on their young audience’s perspectives on gender. I will then conclude with an examination of how these portrayed gendered roles reflect what is accepted in society at the significant point in time. Early
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