The Success Of The Popularity Of Entrepreneurship

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Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams” and this pursuit of achieving dreams is what has driven around 4 million entrepreneurs to set up a business in the U.K, leaving the security of corporate hierarchy in search for independence. Over the last few decades the view of the entrepreneur has changed, once seen as people who could not handle ‘real’ jobs, are now the hero’s of the economy since, according to statistics published by the U.K government, small and medium enterprises employ 14 million people which, in the current economic situation, is a outstanding number. Another important indicator of the popularity of entrepreneurship can be observed in the universities, as the proliferation of modules and courses devoted to this area of study, has exponentially grown in the last years which has correlated with the entrepreneurial intention of U.K citizens as seen in Figure 1.

Entrepreneurship has become mainstream, although launching a business is never easy and has to be a well thought and meditated decision, resources nowadays make the job much simpler because today we have access to unlimited information through Internet and sources of finance that did not exists before with governmental measures such as the 2013 Autumn statement or the Small Business: GREAT ambition plan. Both of these measures had as a purpose helping the creation of small and medium enterprises.

4. Growth within the SME

Before we…

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