The Success Of The Winery

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Mike Benziger, general partner and founder of Benziger Family Winery. Has grown up in the wine import business by helping his father in New York City. Mike’s dream was to grow his own grapes and to make wine. After graduating college Mike and his wife Mary moved to Europe for a few years and after locating to California, where Mike took a cellar position at Stony Ridge Winery. Upon living in California Mike and Mary stumbled upon an eighty five acre plot of land that was a perfect location for grape growing (Benziger Family Winery Case). In 1981 Mike convinced the owner of the land to sell and as well to a loan from his father to purchase the land. Through the years Mike’s slowly made their way to California to help with growing. The winery employed forty nine people full-time and twenty-nine people either seasonal or part-time. The Benziger Family Winery was a medium sized winery that was producing 180,000 cases of ultra-premium wine per year, with an annual revenue of about $15 million. Super-premiums wines accounted for 60% of case volume, ultra-premium accounted for 30% and the high-end premium wines accounted for 10%. The Benziger Winery was about to launch a new brand called “Tribute” made from grapes in their vineyards. Currently, Benziger exports 10% of their total case volume, and are targeting a long-term goal of 20% in the future (Benziger Family Winery Case). The Benziger Family Winery environmental management system (EMS) is overseen by Matt Atkinson the ranch…

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