The Success Of The World Of Dread

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"The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear," said Gandhi a Civil rights activist in South Africa. Uneasiness is an emotion commonly acquainted with frightening or scary things. Panic was everywhere in the 1980s, from mountains erupting to songs with dancing zombies. Even though in the 1980s technology was booming, MTV was released, Apple releasing their newest computer the Apple III. The technological advancements increased the amount of terror put into peoples lives by giving them a visual of these dreadful things. Although these things were not the only events that brought angst into the lives of many, they were accompanied by the rapid decrease in money in America, the rapid growth in illegal drugs, and a possible nuclear…show more content…
Ariel views had shown that the result of the earthquakes were minor avalanches of mud and snow, but no eruption. Some of the earthquakes led to ash being erupted out of the mountain, but lava never had been recorded to surface from the mountain. The eruption happened on May eighteenth, 1980 at eight thirty-two in the morning. It was recorded to be the largest volcanic eruption in North American history. Millions of tons of earth were shot 65,000 feet into the air and surrounding areas. A new vent had been opened in the side of the mountain, and steam and ash were all that had been released from the vent. Smaller earthquakes and eruptions had occurred moments before the massive eruption. The eruption sent ash far in every direction, covering streets, houses, businesses, schools, and much more. In the time after the eruption over sixty-one people, thousands of elk and coyotes, hundreds of deer, and fifteen mountain lions had died as a result of the eruption. A few days later a second eruption had occurred leaving more ash and molten rock everywhere. By October of 1980 all of the ash and steam had subsided and left behind a dome of molten rock. Later a crater had formed on the mountain top. The sides had been covered in feet of ash and black smoke and left multiple forests burned down. Months later the areas around the mountain had not been cleaned yet leaving cities and
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