The Success Of Warren Buffett

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Success can be measured in many ways, not the least is ones net worth. Money is certainly a driving factor for many in business and if used as an indicator of success, Warren Buffett unquestionably would rank among the most accomplished. Born during the depression in 1930, Buffett started out selling chewing gum and Coca Cola door to door, later finding work in his grandfather’s grocery store. Investing his savings, Buffett now serves as the chief executive officer (CEO) of a multinational conglomerate called Berkshire Hathaway. Among the more well known company’s held by Berkshire are GEICO, Heinz, Coca Cola and American Express. With a market capitalization of $314 billion, Berkshire is now America’s fifth-most-valuable public company, behind Apple, Exxon Mobil, Google and Microsoft. Managing of company of this size would be a daunting task for many, but Buffett has made it abundantly clear in both his own words and those who have studied his success, the key lies in good leadership. According to Buffett, a good leader must have a keen understanding of the industry he leads; strong character and integrity is vital, and lastly, a good leader must have a profound understanding human nature. Buffett hand picks his managers and trusts them to administer company affairs. Buffet has surrounded himself with likeminded managers and the results have been impressive. In his annual letter to the shareholders of Berkshire, Buffett communicates his vision and gives

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