The Success Story Of Steve Jobs With Apple Phones

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On June 6th 2010, eight partners led by engineer and serial entrepreneur named Lei Jun, founded a technology company in China called Xiaomi (pronounced Shao-Mee). Founding their company on the principle that premium technology does not need to have a premium price they set off to create top of the line of products that were affordable and user friendly. The ultimate goal of the company is to be a one stop shop for all technological needs for their customers and the best place to start was through the smartphone market. Their products have often been criticized as copies of Apple phones. Inspired by the success story of Steve Jobs with Apple, Lei Jun saw similar opportunities in China as the technology and internet related markets were…show more content…
It quickly became apparent that the best way to sell its firmware was to incorporate it into a smartphone. One year later it created the Mi One phone which was “a top spec phone with a great price way ahead of its time, this has remained Xiaomi’s philosophy from day one.” (Ahmad, 2014) The following year the MI-2 was launched on August 2012 with a revolutionary chip from Qualcomm called Snapdragon, which had unmatched performance at the time. “The device sold close to 10 million units within the first 11 months of its inception, thus allowing Xiaomi to gain a foothold in markets such as Australia, United States, Europe and New Zealand.” (Success Story) From there it began to constantly evolve its product line and make improvements from direct customer feedback, something that Lei Jun was adamant about incorporating into all of the designs. While climbing through the ranks at Kingsoft, Lei had noticed areas for improvement on one of its products. When he brought the suggestions up to other engineers, the changes were noted but no action was ever taken. It was this event that drives Lei to maintain the unique culture and quality control in Xiaomi, which is to constantly obtain and act on customer feedback with some ideas for improvement becoming reality in as little as one week. The company has many product managers which comb through their forums and other online sources to gather customer feedback and suggestions.

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