The Success and Downfall of Disneyland Paris and Fordlandia

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The Success and Downfall of Disneyland Paris and Fordlandia Many companies throughout the United States are resorting to developing their business abroad. This is because of factors such as the ability to cut costs through cheaper building material and labor, an increase in their revenues, working with less taxes and easier labor laws, and by expanding their general market. The Walt Disney Company and Henry Ford, are two examples of ones who tried to expand overseas. These foreign expansions didn’t prove to be successful in their ventures of expanding. Because the Walt Disney Company executives were determined to use only an American way of life, they did not thoroughly investigate all aspects of the European environment. The…show more content…
The company then came up with a proposal to persuade the French that the installation of sprinklers was necessary because of the difficulty of the fire department to locate the fire and the delay time it would take for them to get their. Disney had won this argument (Burgoyne, Lyn.) The projsct for Fordlandia didn’t start off so well either. There was a huge clash of culture between mechanized America, Ford 's utopian ideals and the way the indigenous people lived. The first failure of Fordlandia was social and the first years of the building was overwhelmed by waste and violence (NPR.) Things went wrong over small things such as, serving food. "Ford had very particular understandings about what a proper diet should be, he tried to impose brown rice and whole-wheat bread and canned peaches and oatmeal — and that itself created discontent."(NPR.) Ford then tried to change the way food was served; from wait service to cafeteria style service; the workers rebelled. Angry workers destroyed the mess hall, pushed trucks into the river and nearly ruined the whole operation. It cost tens of thousands of dollars of damage(NPR.) Although Disney believed they had a gold mine on their hands by developing their fourth theme park just outside of Paris, in time they would learn this was not the case. Euro Disneyland 's target of 11 million guests in the first year was met, and revenues

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