The Success of Adidas

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THE HUMBLE SUCCESS OF ADIDAS Nowadays, the value of sports has been increasing more and more. So, it is important to have a good quality brands for the sportsmen to wear and equipments to use. Adidas is one of the most famous companies for producing the most quality sport goods. “Many people believe that the name Adidas is an acronym that stands for "all day I dream about sports." This idea has been popularly passed around for many years, but it is utterly false. While it may be used that way nowadays, the truth is that the name Adidas actually stands for the name of the company's founder, Adi Dassler” ( , 2013). Therefore, this essay will talk about the history, products and sponsorship. However, Adidas have a rich…show more content…
They are both successful in their own way but there’s no question that Adidas is the one who is more successful. Adi didn’t give up just because they got split up and that is one of the reason he became so successful. Even after his death his vision and the quality of his never dies ( , 2013). At the beginning shoes were the only thing that was made but as time goes by, Adidas increase their range and production of the goods. In today’s life Adidas is increasing their range from shoes to accessories and all kinds of sportswear. They are mainly concentrated in football, basketball, running and training (Runau ,2010, pg-2). Lastly, Adidas has become one of the best sportswear makers and have sponsored quite a lot of sportsmen, events and many more. They are the sponsor of FIFA and they had agreed to continued sponsor for a long-term in 2011 (, 2011). In 2009 Adidas had agreed to sign as the first official partner for the Euro 2012 competitions. They had signed and agreed that they will be the one to supply every equipment’s needed. This signing has included not only Euro 2012 but also include all the Euro tournaments till 2017. Similarly, which also includes all the under 21 championship and women’s championship (McCullagh, 2009). Also, they were the official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics and they were the one who supply all the equipment and sportswear (Jamstern , 2007). Likewise Adidas had
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