The Success of the First Two Labour Governments was Outweighed by the Failures

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Do you agree with the view that, in the years 1945-51, the achievements of the Labour government far outweighed its failures? Explain your answer, using Sources 4, 5 and 6 and your own knowledge. (40 marks)
The Labour government in 1945-1951 achieved a high degree of activity and success, despite working within ‘the aftermath of war’ which inevitably ‘brings enormous difficulties’. The Labour government devoted their power to reconstructing a better nation, one that would be a ‘better place in which to be born, to grow up, and to live and even die’. On the other hand it is possible to criticise Labour due to their ‘irresponsible’ spending.
In source 4 Hennessy states that Britain is a ‘better place in which to be born’ as the
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Source 4 states that Britain ‘experienced a progressive phase’ which embodies the age of austerity which the Marshall plan (1948) began, where Britain received $200 million US Dollars, this marks one of the greatest achievement of Bevin as he convinced US of the necessity of such a plan for shoring up Europe against the threat of communism in USSR. It spurred significant economic recovery. Stafford Cripps was to adopt a policy of austerity which the basic aim was to use rationing and tight economic controls to prevent ‘inflation’. Such measures, it was hoped would keep employment high and allow the government to continue its welfare programme.
Source 4 uses the word ‘kinder’ which epitomises the 1948 Olympics which brought happiness and togetherness into the society, this was crucial due to the war which they had experienced prior to this. The event came to be known as the Austerity Games because of the economic climate and post-war rationing. This highlights the impact in which this had upon the country as the team spirit nature of this sporting event transmitted to the people enabling a more friendly atmosphere of which encapsulates the idea of a social revolution had occurred.
Attlee’s government inherited crushing financial difficulties in 1945. Source 6 remains impartial due to the fact that this political document is written by the opposition party, therefore the Conservatives comment that the Labour government encountered various economic failures which
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