The Successful Formation Of A New Colony

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Before organizing a colony, it is important to gain perspective and understand where colonies before when right and where they also went wrong. Learning from their mistakes and capitalizing on the positive aspects of different colonies can lead to the successful formation of a new colony in Illinois. From what we already know, each colony in the New World was for the most part different. Some were driven by religious ideas others were driven by the prospect of wealth. While colonies shared some similarities, each had its own set of rules, policies, and way of life. Colonies such as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were vastly different even though they were both northern colonies and religion was a driving force in the development of their colonies. There were also colonies that were developed in hopes that prosperity was to be had by means of trade and cultivation. This capitalist model was used by the colonies of Virginia and New Netherland (New York). However there were colonies that simply did things their own way that was separate from everyone else. One of those colonies were Carolina, which was setup by eight proprietors, businessmen, who hoped to rule every aspect of their colony from government to religion this was now as the feudal model. The other colony was Georgia, who took English debtors to work off their debts as part of their colony and as a hope to alleviate the overpopulation in British settlements in the Caribbean, this was the philanthropical model. These
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