The Successful Operation Of The Lincoln Company

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The Successful Operation Of The Lincoln Company is largely dependent on the sound management systems which are applied in all departments of the company. The company from its inception initiated sound leadership which was agreed upon by both the proprietor (s) and the employees.

Moreover, the implementation of the welding products was produced with high degree of performance due to inclusive deliberations of product improvement between the management team and workers.

This combination was the most secret weapon of success behind the advancement of all types of electro welding-Fleetweld 5p and other products were made with workers who were manufacturing these products were working in a very friendly environment within the company as the proprietors appreciated and complimented their efforts with various rewards, not practiced in other companies of similar standards.

This attitude left the major competitors of Lincoln products in the corridors trying to fight for the market niche but to no avail.

Many manufacturing companies have failed to perform quite well in the industrial world because of maintaining one idea of only satisfying the customer needs, so as to make more profits without satisfying the needs of the worker who is actually the main tool of production of the much needed products by the customers.

This being the case in most manufacturing companies, employees have been forced to be slowing the production of goods on time as demanded by the customers, some even
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