The Successful Self Directed Learner

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1. For me, the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner include the following. a. That learner is a person who takes the initiative for her learning. That means that the self-directed learner does not wait for the teacher to tell her to complete the assignment but does it before the assignment is due. And if there are missed assignments, the self-directed leaner accepts responsibility and does not lame others or situations. b. The successful self-directed learner sets a personal learning goal or is goal-oriented. Goal setting means that the learner is guided by some result in the future, which provides her with the reason to wake up in the morning. Without a learning goal, the learner would be like a boat without a rudder, just sailing to where the wind blows. c. The self-directed leaner is confident. This self-confidence is very important. The learner has to be able to believe in herself that she can bring about the results that she wants. If she is not confident, then she could suffer from things like anxiety before a test and that would be bad for her. d. The self-directed learner is also one who is persistent. This means that she won’t simply or easily give up just because she missed an assignment and got a zero or failed a test. Her long-term goal should keep her trying until she succeeds. Problems are not obstacles but roadblocks that the self-directed learner has to find a way to show her resourcefulness. e. To me this
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