The Successfully Functioning Management of Mylan Corporation Essay

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Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling are the functions of Management that play an important role in any successful organization. Mylan is a Fortune 500 Company this is the reason it runs smoothly and has accomplished goals and objectives. Planning sets objectives and making sure you have what you need to attain them. Organizing builds relationships within the company and organizes the team according to the plan. A great Leader must be innovative, motivating, and encouraging this will be a plus for the employees. Making sure goals and objectives are being met this is where Control comes in, Mylan Corporation has a CEO Heather Bresch, that works diligently with her staff to make this company what it is today and the many reasons…show more content…
(Management study guide, n.d.). Mylan Mission Statement which tells how committed they are to new standards in health care. We all know in order for any goal to come together we must plan and do what’s right, not what’s easy this is how any successful organization will bring about positive results. We must also remember to be innovative this means seeing opportunities and making them happen remember to set high expectations and don’t back down, doing what’s right is an integral part of who we are and what we represent. Mylan planned to excel and definitely they are a Fortune 500 Company. In our everyday life we must plan or we will plan to fail. Organizing Managers organize by bringing together physical, human, and financial resources to achieve objectives. They identify activities to be accomplished, classify activities, assign activities to groups or individuals create responsibility and delegate authority. They coordinate the relationships of responsibility and authority. (Norman, Small business, 2014). Mylan has grown into a worldwide company and this didn’t happen overnight organization of this company along with the excellent employees has made Mylan a top performing company. CEO Heather Bresch has made a remarkable impact on Mylan’s accomplishments when you have a great leader that doesn’t mind going over and beyond to make the organization a success, this is when you know you’ve hit the jackpot in

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