The Sucess of the German Company SAP AG and Enterprise Reource Planning

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Introduction According to Leimbach (2008), the success of the German company, SAP AG, leads to its enterprise creating software called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP / SAP ERP) that equips a company with an integrated solution combining the essential business functions of the company itself. The purpose of this report is to analyse the application of System Analysis and Program Development hence, known as SAP / SAP’s ERP systems in business organisations, investigate the challenges and benefits within the SAP’s ERP systems environment, also provide which application suits the SAP’s ERP systems. This report will focus on three main scopes, which are the overview, the challenges, and benefits and recommendation for SAP’s ERP systems application. Overview of SAP’s ERP Systems One of the systems SAP created is the ERP system, which has been mentioned in the introduction as Enhancing Resource Planning. Most of the business organisations are using ERP systems, however, “little is known” about ERP systems’ origins and its improvement to become one of the most important segments within the software market (Leimbach, 2008). Soliman and Youssef (1998) stated that ERP systems have assisted the progress of a “process-oriented approach” to a system development, as its database can be taken parts by several functions of particular functional units within the same business, and also built around the business development in order to enable cross-functional units. Therefore, ERP

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