The Sucessful Factors of Toshiba

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1. Executive summary 2

2. Company Background 2

3. Crirical Success Factor’s Analyses of Toshiba 5

3.1. An innovative and talent Chiel Executive Officer 5

3.2. Business Strategies 6

3.3. Bring “Innovation” to customer 10

3.4. Diversity of products 11

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1. Executive summary

Electronic products have the long history together with human’s daily activities. At the beginning with the basic products such as: bulb, radio, television, washing machine, refrigerator … the life standard was shifted to a new level. After that, the first personal laptop was produced in 1985; it set a basic step for the developing of high
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In collaboration with SanDisk, Toshiba developed the 8-gigabit flash memory chip. Sales in 2007 went up to a number of 60 million notebook PCs. In 2008, Toshiba dropped its HD DVD format in favor of the Blu-ray Disc devices and formalized intentions to release dependent players as well as Blu-ray drives for PCs and notebooks bringing multimedia experience to a new level.
2009 and Beyond
In January of 2009, Toshiba acquired the HDD business of Fujitsu so they extended its computer business. Toshiba continued to strive to design and develop new and innovative products and technologies in the purpose of making people’s lives more convenient and enjoyable.
Nowadays, under Chairman of the Boards of Director - Atsutoshi Nishida, Toshiba has become a brand name that most people are familiar with. Even among its strong competitors, Toshiba still holds a strong influence in the ever-evolving industry, leading its peers in the world of electronic innovations. Toshiba was ranked by Fortune Magazine as the 8th Most Admired Electronics Company for 2009 and one of the Top 100 Global Companies for 2008; Toshiba’s annual revenues exceed $76 billion. This cooperation is also a world leader in high technology, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of 4 main business segments which are Digital Products, Electronic Devices & Components,

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