The Sudan Genocide

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Sudan Genocide The Sudan genocide started on the 26 February 2003, When the Sudan liberation movement rebel groups took up arms against the government of Sudan, the Sudan government responded to the attacks by arming the Janjaweed militia’s and started an ethnic cleansing against non-Arabism Darfur leaving hundreds of thousands dead. At the beginning of 1991 non-Arabs of the zaghawa complained that they were victims of the intensifying Arab apartheid campaign. Sudanese Arabs who control the government are widely referred to as practicing apartheid against non-Arab citizens. The government is accused of “cleverly manipulating Arab solidarity to carry out policies of cleansing out an ethnic group. The genocide began on the 26th of February and a group called the Darfur liberation front and claimed that they attacked Golo. Army outposts and police stations were attacked by the rebels and the government took action by performing massive air and land assaults on the rebels. On the 25th of March the rebels seized Garrison town and took all of the armour that was in the town leaving the military with very little. There was also a lot of rape that was reported, children including young boys and women were affected. One part of the fight was mainly concentrated on the Sudanese military and police along with the Janjaweed who was a Sudanese militia group. The other soldiers are part of the rebel group and consists mainly of non-Arab Zaghwa and masalit groups. The genocide’s goal was
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