The Suez Canal Crisis: Events Of The Cold War

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The Suez Canal Crisis was one of many events of the Cold War. The Canal opened in 1869, after 10 years of construction by Ferdinand de Lesseps of France, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The canal held a neutral position, allowing access to all countries. The British -who had the strongest naval force in the world- controlled the traffic going through it. They ensured that the Canal was open to all countries. In 1914, the traffic control changed to include the French military. Problems arose when Egypt nationalized the Canal and began to charge for the passage of ships in order to pay for the Aswan Dam that they wanted to construct. Egypt had previously arranged to receive a loan from Britain and The United States in order…show more content…
They used the Canal the most since it allowed them to trade and move their troops easier. The British made sure the Canal remained neutral, and that everyone could operate and pass through it. In 1875, Britain bought and owned 44% of the Suez Canal Company. The Suez Canal Company were the ones that constructed and operated the Canal. If you look at the event with bias towards the British, the Egyptians stole from them. Egypt stole the Canal when they nationalized it. Therefore, the British had the right to attack Egypt. Along with the French and Israelis they attacked to regain what they owned. Secondly, they were attacking to regain the rights for every country to use the Canal freely, being that Egypt began to charge those who wanted to use the Canal. Thirdly, they argued that the Egyptians were not capable of running the Canal on their own. Lord Chatfield, the Chief of Naval Staff said, “Egypt must always rely on the co-operation of British sea power for her defence.” (History…show more content…
His bias affects the interpretation of an event. Whether it is personal impact from the event that changes the way he wrote, or opinions that are formed when researching. Using a single source for history will result in taking in what is said as the final truth. When researching the Suez Canal Crisis and the motives behind each party's actions, I gained bias towards Egypt. I personally feel that Britain was abusing the power they had. I acknowledge the reasoning behind what Britain did, but my own personal opinions and morals led me to see Britain’s actions as unjust. If I had read only Britain’s side, I would have seen it as opposite. In conclusion, the only way to gain a reliable source of knowledge is by analysis multiple sources that show multiple perspectives and reaching your own view on an
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