The Suez Crisis: Ends Ways And Means

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Egypt is a country located in northern Africa along the Mediterranean and Red Seas, with a Population of 80,471,869, its Capital is Cairo, with an area of 386,662 square miles, and coastline 1,522 miles. In this coastline The Suez Crisis took place in late 1956 when Israel, the United Kingdom and France wanted to take control of this canal and to remove President Abdel Nasser, until the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Nations forced the those countries to withdraw from Egypt. This incident humiliated the UK and France and help Egypt not only won the Suez Canal crisis but also gained respect by applying Ends Ways And Means.
Regional dominance and undisputed leader of the Arab World
Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein was
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Eisenhower did not understand the desire of Britain and France to recover the canal, he did not refute the right of Egypt to seize the company, if he was agreed to pay adequate compensation as required by international law. But Nasser wanted only to nationalize the canal at all costs, no matter even if military confrontation could start. He did not want to resolve the dispute through diplomacy, he was certain that the Soviet Union would help Egypt since they only sought some political gains.…show more content…
In Israel, the forced withdrawal left a mixed feeling, because although the Israeli army had found no serious obstacle in their advance across the Sinai and its subsequent victory military, as Egypt did not commit to change its attitude toward Israel, though, least, he reopened the passage of the straits of Tiran to Israeli ships circulation. But the big winner fur Nasser who emerged as the clear beneficiary of the war. Although militarily only obtained failures, politically it was strengthened since the channel continued nationalized property of the Egyptian state and, in the eyes of Arab public opinion, had opposed the United Kingdom, France, and especially to Israel, without It has been ousted from power. Nasser was hailed as a hero in the Arab
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