The Suffrage Of The Nineteenth Amendment

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In the 1900’s women did not have the same rights as men. They weren’t allowed to do certain things and are not considered equal. Once women started to protest this, the whole nation got involved and there were some disagreements. The amendment was first proposed in 1878 to Congress but not seriously considered. In the early 1900’s a Representative proposed the Susan B. Anthony Amendment to allow women the right to vote. After the amendment passed in the House of Representatives, the Senate also passed the amendment. The vote then went to the states and it was one shy state away from the two thirds requirement and it was all up to Tennessee to break the vote. The decision was all up to Republican Harry T. Burn who was against the amendment but his mom was the one to change his mind. With a change in Tennessee’s vote the amendment officially passed the nineteenth amendment on June 4, 1919. The whole question is who supported and who opposed the passing of the nineteenth amendment? The people who obviously supported the nineteenth amendment were the women across the nation. Some more than others but in some way all women wanted to be treated equal. There were even some men who supported the amendment like Frederick Douglass who was a former African-American slave. Even though it seems like a lot of people want this amendment to pass and agree to equal rights, there were people who did oppose to the passing of the amendment. Being mostly men, an even bigger group disagreed with
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