The Sugar Bowl Case Study

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Sugar Bowl is a lively and plush bowling lounge and nightclub. Started by Shelby Givens, Sugar Bowl looks to recreate themselves from what was previously known as Westlake Lanes. With a dying target market, Shelby rebrands Sugar Bowl in three phases: preparing for the transformation, renovation, and operations. Each of these phases presented their own obstacles and successes. Thus, Shelby has to tap into her resources to do what is best for the company and investors.

Initially, Sugar Bowl started the rebranding process by developing a plan for the transformation. The biggest challenge Shelby faced would be identifying the target market. Not knowing where to start, Shelby reached out to a former business colleague, Michael Burke, for advice. By reaching out to Michael, Shelby was able to create a mentorship which she could leverage at any point. After understanding the market and demands, she then had to turn this information into an experience. Redesigning the facility and adding food
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Beginning with investor relationships, Shelby had to justify her actions throughout the process she was in their best interest. Most importantly, Shelby gains a sense of employee relationships. She has to learn to trust Sarah Petty and Charlie Campbell. In the long-run, the relationships Shelby has made through the process play an enormous part in the achievements of Super Bowl.

In conclusion, Shelby Givens makes strategic decisions through research that would ultimately make Sugar Bowl a success. Through mentorship, Shelby was able to learn best practices of other bowling lounges that are transparent across the industry. Meanwhile, it was managing relationships along the way that allowed Shelby to run the business efficiently and effectively. As a result, Shelby has the toughest decision of her life of whether to continue to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams or chase a career in
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