The Sugar Craze And Its Effects On Society 's Health

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Sugar, the thing that makes everything sweet; or so it should more aptly be named: the inescapable ingredient. Sugar was first added to many non-sweet foods as a substitute for fat. Fat, being viewed as the enemy was removed from many products as a “healthier option” and to keep that same good taste, the missing fat was replaced with sugar. Recent research has shown that this decision could have ultimately been the cause for many of society’s modern ailments. The abundance of sugar present in today’s nutritional standards is detrimental to future and present human health. The sugar craze began in the 1950s after the then President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, suffered a heart attack while in office. Eisenhower suffered from…show more content…
Most notably, the fat claims have been retracted. Fat is often times not the actual cause of fat production in the body as well as it is not the source of many diseases that it was thought to cause. Obviously overabundance of any food can be harmful, but there are other, more immediate culprits. In fact, healthy fats improve cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease. Sugar is actually a more direct source of fat production. Before humans discovered refined sugar and much before they began adding it to such a large percentage of foods, glucose was a difficult nutrient to find and provide for an everyday diet. In fact, one of the only natural sources before processed foods was fruit. Fruit is a perfect source of glucose because it also provides fiber which helps the body to break down sugar and use it as energy to power the vital organs rather than store it as fat. Other sources of sugar, meaning sugar additives, do not provide the same fiber. And now, humans are consuming a gross amount of sugar daily, far exceeding the recommended amount each day on average, as shown in the graphic below taken from the “Breakdown of Your Sugar Addiction” done by the Cleveland Clinic. The biggest culprit of fat production is sugary drinks. Liquids are processed in the liver and sugar filled drinks, in a way, attack the liver. This organ was not designed to process sugar in the way we are
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