The Suicide And Its Effect On Society

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Almost all forms of Suicides are also forbidden in Jainism. Suicide is an act of intentionally harming oneself leaving a very negative impact on those left behind. But Jainism allows the practice of Sallekhana which is practice of relinquishing food and drinks and is a voluntary act. The difference between suicide and Sallekhana is that the former is a violent act whereas the latter is a peaceful and a tranquil process and provides a sufficient closure for the family.
Buddhism does not advocate suicide and propagates that the reasons for this are often negative. There are very few exceptions to this rule.
There’s a very contemplative reason behind why suicide has been condemned by almost all the religions and legalizing suicide will not just be against the practices of a particular religion one follows but it will also encourage the deaths caused due to fast unto death. People will commit suicide in the name of God and religion. Various factors are there which affect a person’s thinking and make him eventually decide upon taking away their own life. But, at the same time it is considered to be an offence because a the right of life means to live with dignity and the person is not only responsible for his life, but is also responsible to the people around him and the government of the country for giving him the life to live.

Suicide is becoming a grave cause of deaths in the world today, it has been estimated that on average there are about one
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