The Suicide And New Jersey

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As many are aware, depression may often lead to suicide and New Jersey has had the lowest suicide rate in the nation for several years. However, according to data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide has risen to its highest levels within the last three decades. In 2012, New Jersey has had the lowest suicide rate as stated by the CDR, but they have been increasing dramatically. Suicide has increased by thirteen percent and there are 8.8 deaths in every 100,000 people in New Jersey alone. Most recent suicide records from 2014 has shown New Jersey was tied for second place with Massachusetts. The rate has risen the most rapidly with girls from ages ten to fourteen and with men from the ages of forty-five to sixty-four. Studies have shown that men have searched for help with depression just as well as women. However, it’s less likely for men to seek help because women are more vulnerable to depression. From younger years’ boys are taught to avoid revealing their emotions because it might threaten their social rank and their sense of identity. Men have the idea if they ask for any type of help they will lose their masculine touch. Men are more likely to help others rather than help themselves. However, depression rates for women compared to men are twice as high. Various people and studies believe men will most likely have higher rates for depression just because they keep to themselves. A report stated that women are at greater risk for depression
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