The Suicide Health Prevention Hotline

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Suicide has always been looked down upon and people would do just about everything in their willpower to prevent it. There are plenty methods to avert people from committing suicide such as the suicide health prevention hotline, support groups, friends, and family. However, all these methods are not as resourceful when the person is already dying. And, if the one who wants to commit suicide is lying in their death bed enduring an excruciating pain, then do the people who oppose suicide have the right to intervene with the dying person’s last wishes? Physician-assisted suicide is a practice where doctors decide to help end their hopelessly ill patient’s life painlessly even if he or she requests for it (Assisted Suicide). If doctors do follow the patient’s desired death, then are the doctors sending subliminal message saying these patients’ lives are now meaningless. Many believe the doctors treating the patients do not have the right to take lives instead save them, which leads to the religious factor in this situation. They believe the only way someone can be taken from this world is through the hands of God and any other way is simply wrong and immoral. Death is a delicate topic many try to ignore for however long they are able to. Humans have a very difficult time coping with the death of a loved one, so it is much harder for the friends and family to accept than the terminally ill. Although physician-assisted suicide permanently relieves the pain of a dying patient, PAS

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