The Summaries Four Types Of Temperaments

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The Keirsey summaries four types of temperaments. The Artisan will have the tendency to be impulsive and to bend the rules to obtain their goals. This would create a challenge or possible barrier to a guardian, like myself, as I think of duties, following the rules, and respecting others. The artisan can also be unconventional and spontaneous. This too can be a problem due to the guardian wanting to go slowly and have researched prior to implementing a change. Working with an artisan can also be a good experience. As I take more time in evaluating a change, an artisan can assist in implanting a needed change in a timely fashion. The idealist avoids conflict and confrontation because it upsets them. They put up barriers between people. They also have the tendency to focus on what might be rather than what is. This would cause a conflict to my guardian personality. Guardian leaders deal with confrontation by systematically resolving the problem and focusing on the here and now rather than what might be. An idealist act in good conscious as they attempt to reach their goals without compromising their code of ethics. I would work well with this personality trait as I too work toward my goals in the same fashion. Whole Person Goals/Achievement of Goals Physical My physical goals are to exercise on a regular basis and lose weight to get to an appropriate BMI. I can achieve these goal by spending a minimum of four days a week in the gym and by taking the time to make proper food
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