The Summer After I Graduated High School I Worked At The

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The summer after I graduated high school I worked at the Bedford Village Inn as a banquet server. I worked in a team of nine other staff members and a manager to assemble weddings of one hundred eighty to three hundred people. A typical shift included many tasks. First, we would arrive around one in the afternoon. We would set up the wedding and polish the glasses and silverware for the night. We would arrange any decorations they had provided us with and set up chairs for the ceremony either outside or indoors. Before the guests arrived, we would have a team meeting and go over the night. We had to know what was in each dish including appetizers and know allergies of the guests. Once the guests arrived we would greet them and usher them…show more content…
Every couple of months we would have a board meeting that was required attendance. We would all sit down with our manager and the owners and talk about upcoming changes and what we were doing in the future. We could also bring up any concerns or problems that we had. This participative management style helped to make us feel included in decisions that affected us. It also benefited the owners because they got to hear firsthand what was going on and what changes needed to be made. .b Identification of organization behavior concept .i Goal Setting Theory The hospitality field is centered around customer service, a highly sought after goal. Every day the company strived to offer the best customer service to everyone that walked through their doors. They followed the Goal Setting theory which states that “specific and difficult goals, with feedback, lead to higher performance” (Robbins & Judge 112). Goals are important because they drive people to a finish line. It is hard to be motivated when there is no goal. For example, when running a race, it would be hard to push yourself if there was no finish line. It sounds silly but having a tangible goal makes people push themselves harder. In running athletes push their limits to reach a set goal. For example, the mindset of most athletes is that it may hurt now but there is only one mile left. This way of thinking makes it easier to run that last mile, knowing that we can

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